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As we celebrate Easter 2020, finally the world is united. We are united in fear of what tomorrow will bring, of not knowing if our societies will withstand the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and if we or our family members will survive this terrible moment. The answer to this crisis lies in all of us and in our unity. As people around the world face religious holidays without the possibility of physical communion, without the possibility of celebrating physically together, we have a time of slow down where we can reflect deeply on what life means for each of us. In the darkness of this crisis, the light of humanity will shine.

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We've had a lot of our current clients and past clients reach out to us and the most common question is; how is the market doing during this time of uncertainty? The statistics are showing that momentum is continuing to grow and demand is building.  For anyone needing to sell or even contemplating it, we've been  sharing the message that it might not be necessary to wait. We've developed this graphic to share and inform you all on the most up to date listing and sales activity.  Here's an update on Broward County's listing, pending and sales activity in the last 5-days (April 5-9) These numbers include single family homes, condos and town homes. The statistics are showing strong market movement in the last week during COVID-19. 

We are here to

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Are you getting tired of cooking or missing your favorite restaurant meals? We've gathered a list of our favorite restaurants in Parkland and Coral Springs that are operating for take-out and delivery service.  Enjoy this list of restaurants that can be easily printed out to hang on the fridge. 

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If you are in the process of purchasing a home, your first step is to inquire about your mortgage financing options. As you’re doing this, it is very important to be able to distinguish the difference between a Pre-Qualification and a Pre-Approval. Based on your current financial situation such as income, savings, credit, etc, the bank will be able to inform you how much of a house you can afford.  Obtaining the right mortgage is extremely important and that’s when an experienced Loan Officer comes in to play.

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So what’s the difference between these two concepts? It’s simple; a Pre-qualification is a preliminary and informal estimate of how much money you’ll be able to borrow for the purchase.  This is done by verbally

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As we are all settling in to this time at home, we thought we'd share some of our favorite kids activities that we've seen families post and share. Amanda from I am Homesteader blog shared some great tips for letting children get creative and ignite their imaginations and take ownership in what they are doing. These are some fun activities that children could do when they are ‘bored’. We hope this gets them lost in playtime world so you can curl up and and enjoy a book and some relaxing time.

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Create a Diorama–With just a shoebox and some craft materials, kids can create a favorite scene they might remember from a book or movie. Or, they could create a scene that goes with the book

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Now more than ever, we all see the importance of home. At The Dupree Team, we are using all our expertise to adapt the home sale process to current times. We are excited to offer a Virtual 360 Tour to showcase all the unique details of home. We realize that home owners may feel uncomfortable welcoming prospective buyers into their home. The goal with the 360 Virtual Tour is to get your listing MAXIMUM exposure locally and on the internet.


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Virtual tours, also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow buyers to digitally tour a for-sale property from the comfort of their own home. Buyers will immerse themselves in the home tour and can choose any part of the house they want to

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The DuPree Team knows that most homeowners would love to learn of how to reduce their property tax burden. Property taxes are real estate taxes calculated by local governments and are considered ad valorem, which means they are assessed according to the value of your property. Although they serve a beneficial purpose for all residents, these taxes can be extremely burdensome for homeowners. They tend to rise steadily over time and, even once you pay off your mortgage. While you may never be free from a property tax bill while you own a home, there may be some relief. Homeowners can use a few simple tricks to lessen the pain of paying these taxes and the burden they bring.

Understand Your Tax Bill

If you feel you are paying too much, it's

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