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10 Reasons Why a Virtual Tour is a Must When Selling Your Home.

Posted by Vicki Smith Flyth on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 11:31am.

  1.     More views. The average online listing with a real estate virtual tour receives substantially more views than listing without tour.
  2.     Permanent Open House. The virtual tour is like having a 24/7 Open House – without the presence of the realtor or home seller to show the property.
  3.     Saving time. It’s a tool to help realtors and home buyers pre-qualify properties, saving everyone time.
  4.     Instant information. The Virtual Tour can be easily found online and provide access to instant information for home buyers about the property, including schools, location and mortgage information. Did you know 90% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet?
  5.     Used in social networking. With just one click, the virtual tour can be submitted to popular social networking sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.
  6.     Effective on real estate search engines. Virtual tour is effective on real estate search engines like,,, and Craigslist.
  7.     Easy to email. The realtor or home seller can easily email real estate virtual tours to prospective buyers
  8.     Homeowner and realtor partnership. Home seller’s as well as your realtor have a potential to use virtual tour and be active partner in marketing the house by sending out links to their social network.
  9.     Tour provider—a marketing partner. Virtual tour providers also have an extensive social media network and ability to market the realtor’s listings.
  10.     Homebuyers prefer virtual tour. Survey show that over 80% of homebuyers state that they prefer virtual tour when searching for a house and that tour should be interactive, so the homebuyer has control of what they want to view.

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